I’ve written three books, all reflecting my passion for history — and all published under different circumstances.

mbb cover (1)

The first is My Brave Boys, a narrative history of a New Hampshire Civil War regiment that I co-wrote with Mike Pride. It was published in 2001 by the University Press of New England, and was named the book of the year in 2002 by the Vermont Book Professionals Association. “The writing is so good that you do not even notice it is there,” the judge said. “All you notice is that people are being tested and transformed, and that death, when it comes, has a randomness that is disconcerting.”

fiskecover (1)

The second is Pliney Fiske, a historical fiction mystery set shortly after the Civil War. I self-published this book in 2012. I loved stretching my skills, learned a lot and am working now on a second, similar novel set during the war.


The third is In Union, a history of the Canterbury Shaker Village written as a work-for-hire and published in 2019. My goal in this project — as in all my books — is giving modern readers a genuine sense of connection with the people of the past and the times in which they lived, rendered as honestly and fully as I can.

You can buy My Brave Boys and Pliney Fiske on Amazon. As for In Union, you’ll have to buy that through the Shaker village museum store.