In recent years, I’ve ghostwritten nine books for Scribe Media, edited and written for three  nonprofits, the New Hampshire Charitable Foundation, the New Hampshire Historical Society and Kairos Earth, and written journalistic pieces for Harvard Magazine and the UNH Magazine. Here’s a look at those magazine pieces, the first for Harvard Magazine:


^ Even in the age of television, American newspapers employed by far the most journalists and produced by far the most journalism, especially at the local level. The industry’s most profitable year would not come until 2000. And then it collapsed. ~ From “Renewing the News,” January-February 2020 

And this, a profile for UNH Magazine:


^ (Megan Taft’s) motivation rises from being a parent herself, one who has been privileged to meet her child’s needs. That makes the thought of parents having to put their children to bed without a meal difficult to accept. “Nobody should have to do that,” she says, with a catch in her throat. “Right?” ~ From “Filling Bellies,” November 19, 2019 

Ghostwriting has become both my primary source of income and a great joy. I specialize in working with high-value clients who have distinctive voices and challenging stories to tell. I love this work because of the opportunity it provides to meet remarkable people with important things to say while making the most of the skills I’ve developed over decades as a professional writer. My name isn’t on the cover of the nine books I’ve helped write, and that’s just fine with me. The reward is in the relationships and the process.