Over the past year, I’ve pursued freelance work that includes ghost-writing books for Scribe Media, editing and writing for two nonprofits, the New Hampshire Charitable Foundation and Kairos Earth, along with reporting and writing journalistic pieces for Harvard Magazine and the UNH Magazine. Here’s a look at those magazine pieces, the first for Harvard Magazine:


^ Even in the age of television, American newspapers employed by far the most journalists and produced by far the most journalism, especially at the local level. The industry’s most profitable year would not come until 2000. And then it collapse. ~ From “Renewing the News,” January-February 2020 

And this, a profile for UNH Magazine:


^ (Megan Taft’s) motivation rises from being a parent herself, one who has been privileged to meet her child’s needs. That makes the thought of parents having to put their children to bed without a meal difficult to accept. “Nobody should have to do that,” she says, with a catch in her throat. “Right?” ~ From “Filling Bellies,” November 19, 2019 

Previously, while at a Vermont-based local news and information startup, two colleagues and I wrote stories on behalf of paying clients. Here is a sampling of my posts. Unfortunately, the site — and the links — are no more, but this should give you a sense of my work.

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^ For a decade Ted and Kathy Schiffman poured their hearts, time and money into their 1775 dream home. Now it’s time to sell, they’ve cut their price so deeply they’re bleeding — and they can’t find a buyer …
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^ Bruce Freeberg has a doctorate in philosophy and a dozen years of teaching experience at the college level. But now he teaches history in a middle school classroom at Crossroads Academy — and loves it …
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^ You won’t often hear Orford, N.H., population 1,200, described as central to anything. But that’s just what it is to Cassie and Spencer Brugger, who live there …
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^ Dr. Diwakar Pattabiraman, his research team, and a whole bunch of lab mice are together on a path that just might lead to a life-saving breast cancer treatment …
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^ Norwich Police Sgt. Jennifer Frank began her shift the other afternoon by breaking into a car on Elm Street …